Instructions: NCCI Guidelines: An internal audit of knee arthroscopy procedures has identified the following: 29880 and 29876 are being coded together for the same knee 1. Based on NCCI edits, elaborate on the appropriateness of this coding practice. 2. Develop a process to ensure that NCCI arthroscopy guidelines are followed. References: Castro, A.B. and E. Forrestal. 2015. Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement, 5th edition. Chicago,:AHIMA Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (2015). NCCI Policy Manual for Medicare Services. Link: Hazelwood, A. and C. Venable. 2016. Reimbursement Methodologies. Chapter 7 in Health Information Management: Concepts, Principles, and Practice, 5th ed. Oachs, P. and A. Watters, eds. Chicago: AHIMA GRADING CRITERIA Appropriate elaboration of coding practice, double-spaced. 9 points Explain in each paragraph using analysis and scholarly thought with assertions supported by evidence. 9 points Use proper quotation and APA citation rules 2 points Provide URL with use of APA format 2points Use proper spelling and grammar 3 points TOTAL 25 points This assignment comes from 2016 AHIMA Health Information Management Cases Studies. CAHIIM Subdomain V.B.1 Number of Pages: 2 Pages

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