QUESTION 1 1. When coding for an established patient for a particular level of service you must have a minimum of 2 of the 3 key elements whereas with a new patient you must have 3 of 3 key elements. [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 2 1. The 3 key components of Evaluation and Management coding are history, exam and medical decision making. [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 3 1. Emergency department evaluation and management codes are broken out into new and established patients. [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 4 1. Preventive Services codes are broken out by age but there is no distinction between new and established. [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 5 1. There are 4 “contributing components” of an Evaluation and Management codes are 1) counseling, 2) coordination of care, 3) nature of presenting problem, and 4) time. [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 6 1. Types of anesthesia used in surgical practice are 1) general, 2) local and 3) nerve blocks. [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 7 1. An add-on code is a procedure commonly carried out in addition to the primary procedure performed. [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 8 1. CPT modifiers are reported s two digit numeric codes added to the front of the 5 digit CPT code (e.g. 25-99213) . [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 9 1. “Disqualifying circumstances” are additional codes to anesthesia such as 99100, 99140, 99116 and 99135. [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 10 1. The CPT symbol “triangle” identifies a code description that has been revised. [removed] True [removed] False QUESTION 11 1. Code the excision of a complicated pilonidal cyst. [removed] a. 10080 [removed] b. 10081 [removed] c. 11772 [removed] d. 11770 QUESTION 12 1. Code electrolysis for 2 hours. [removed] a. 17380 [removed] b. 17380 x 4 [removed] c. 17380 – 22 [removed] d. 17360 x 4 QUESTION 13 1. Code the reduction mammoplasty bilateral. [removed] a. 19318 [removed] b. 19020 [removed] c. 19318-50 [removed] d. 19325-50 QUESTION 14 1. Code a diagnostic laryngotomy. [removed] a. 31320 [removed] b. 31300 [removed] c. 31360 [removed] d. 31370 QUESTION 15 1. Code a planned tracheostomy on a 47 year old. [removed] a. 31603 [removed] b. 31605 [removed] c. 31601 [removed] d. 31600 QUESTION 16 1. Select an anesthesia CPT code for a 35 year old man undergoing hernia repair of the lower abdomen. [removed] a. 00832 [removed] b. 00830 [removed] c. 00800 [removed] d. 00834 QUESTION 17 1. Select an anesthesia CPT code for bilateral corneal transplant. [removed] a. 00140-50 [removed] b. 00140 [removed] c. 00144-50 [removed] d. 65710-50 QUESTION 18 1. Select the anesthesia CPT code for a patient undergoing a vulvectomy. [removed] a. 56625 [removed] b. 00906 [removed] c. 00902 [removed] d. 56620 QUESTION 19 1. Select the anesthesia CPT code for a patient undergoing a cleft lip repair. [removed] a. 00102 [removed] b. 00100 [removed] c. 00172 [removed] d. 40700 QUESTION 20 1. Betsy is an established patient of Dr. Gus and sees the doctor today for acne of the face. Dr. Gus does a problem focused history and exam and the medical decision making is straightforward. Code the office visit. [removed] a. 99214 [removed] b. 99202 [removed] c. 99213 [removed] d. 99212 QUESTION 21 1. Dee is an established patient of Dr. Wong and is 3 months post transplant. She goes to Dr. Wong today with edema, increased blood pressure and fatigue. The doctor does a comprehensive history and exam and due to the nature of her problems, the medical decision making is high complexity. Code the office visit. [removed] a. 99215 [removed] b. 99205 [removed] c. 99245 [removed] d. 99214 1. A patient is seen in the Emergency Department after falling off his scooter. The ER physician does an expanded problem focused history and exam. He takes an x-ray and determines that the boy only has a sprain so the medical decision making is of low complexity. Code the ER visit. [removed] a. 99283 [removed] b. 9928…

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