This assignment is for a nursing course in maternal newborn or otherwise known as OBGYN. So, medical terms should be used.

This is an “Education/Teaching Project” and the topic is “Maternal and Newborn Infections. So, the format must be with the intention to educate a patient. Discuss the top 5 most common maternal/neonatal infections, one being Chorioamnionitis, you will then focus on chorioamnionitis for the remainder of the paper. A short power point presentation must also be presented; no more than 6 slides is needed. The following topics must be reviewed but not limited to only this if valuable information is found:

What are the top 5 infections that occur to maternal and neonatal patients?

Then continue the paper by focusing on Chorioamnionitis

What signs and symptoms will present on the patients?

How do we treat the mother and the newborn? what medications? What diagnostic test? Etc..

What nursing consideration should be taken with mother and baby after treatment? (EX: does the medication cause any side effects or are there risks to watch for with this infection; Dehydration, risk for falls, etc..)

What patient discharge teaching would we educate the patients with?

Reputable resources must be used. The textbook is Maternal-Newborn Nursing: The critical components of nursing By: Durham, R.F & Chapman, L.

Also, the assignment must be 2-3 pages long and APA format.

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