1. People -Mention the types of people you intend to target with your newly created human icon.In other words, what segments of the population do you intend to attract and what types of followers do you want him/her to have?Try to specify the demographics, geographics, psychographics, etc. of those segments.Explain why you chose those segments of the population and explain why he/she would be appropriate for those segments.
  2. Publicity
    -Discuss how and where you can use your human icon to promote whatever products or causes you want him/her to promote.In other words, how and where will he/she be seen or encountered by your target segments.
    -Explain why you chose those places and methods of publicity.

My human icon is the famous DJ and he is going to make a beer brand with his name. I would like you to write about 2 paragraph base on this.

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