Part I (200 words)

Question 1: Neuroscience has been attacked by many as an invasion of privacy. Describe how marketers are using neuroscience research and discuss the pros and cons of this ethical argument.

Question 3: Explain what is meant by cognitive dissonance. Why is this concept important to marketers?

Question 6: Consumers experience different forms of problem recognition. Explain each type of problem recognition and give an example of a purchase of this type

Question 8: How might one’s social class influence his or her consumer behaviors? Give examples of products and/or services that might be influenced by social class standing

Part II: (250 words)

1.The owner of a hardware store in Eureka, California, is interested in determining the demo- graphic characteristics of people who shop at his store versus those of people who shop at competing stores. He also wants to know what his image is relative to the competition. He would like to have the information within 3 weeks and is working on a limited budget.

Which survey method would you recommend? Why?

3. A colleague is arguing that the best way to conduct a study of attitudes toward city governs- ment in your community is through a mail survey because it is the cheapest method. How would you respond to your colleague? If time were not a critical factor in your decision, would your response change? Why?

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