TEXTBOOK:Read Omnivore’s Dilemma (56-84): Chapters 3: “The Elevator”, and 4 “The Feedlot: Making Meat”.

debate topics :. The overproduction of corn leads to negative consequences: factory farms, obesity, food poisoning. and the bankrupting of small farms.

Post a 1.5 page double-spaced presentation supporting your position (for or against) the statement chosen. Your presentation should be full of “convincing facts” from our texts or your research to sway the audience to your point of view on the question. Label your statement “pro” (for) or “con” (against) so we will know where you stand on the statement. Also include a Works Cited below your posting to give credit to any outside sources that you used (not required).
2. your opponent posts his/her 1.5 page presentation for or against the statement. (375 WORDS)
3. Read your opponent’s statement, and post a 1 page response to his or her points, why you think he or she is wrong, what you can agree with him or her about, and why you continue to support your position. Also please post a discussion question addressed to the class. Label this posting “rebuttal and question”
4. the second presenter responds with a 1 page rebuttal and question for the class.(250)

PRO POST:2. The overproduction of corn leads to negative consequences: factory farms, obesity, and the bankrupting of small farms.


Someone may point out that if we can utilize the “leftover” of those corns for other uses. In some case, I am sure there are parts of those corns can be used in improving technology or acting as an energy source. But keep in mind, those are just a little part. It is impossible to form a large project. Overproduction leads to a higher supply of agricultural products than the existing demand. The Existing models can satisfy the market and profits, and they are hard to rise. Mechanized agriculture needs massive investment in the early stage, and operation and management are difficult for the township and village enterprises. There is no giant and leading company in those areas, and there is no incentive to do this. Also, the ownership of rural land is too scattered. The land situation under the name of the same farmer may be an acre of land in the east, two points in the west, and half an acre in the south. It is challenging to implement mechanized operations on the land area.

The commodity corn, which had been wasted on the elevator, is a very different kind of corn compared with the corn we imagine—it is a product of human science rather than the corn that naturally grows in fields. According to the supply and demand relationship, overproduction leads to the prices of the products to fall, so that is an incentive for customers to buy more than they need in real life. What is more, the cheapness and availability of those corns drive developers to find even more ways to use it. The following consequence is those people would intake more than their bodies need, and obesity is one of the drawbacks of overproduction.

As Pollan mentioned: “So there was no longer any reason for anyone to care where the corn came from or who grew it, as long as it met the board’s standard. Since this standard was fairly minimal, growers and breeders were now free to train their energies on producing a bigger and bigger harvest.” (Pollan, 60) The phenomenon that agricultural product prices have severely deviated from value for a long time has not only significantly damped the enthusiasm and creativity of farmers in agricultural production, but also led to the decline of the farming economy. The deviation of price from value often triggered the periodic “earthquake” and “tsunami” of urban farm products market. And the direct victim is the small farm. So, the government should buy excess agricultural products to minimize the rate of the bankrupting of small farms.

Work Cited

Pollan, Michael. “The elevator”, The omnivore’s dilemma, 2009.

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