We read a variety of perspectives about women’s rights, privileges, and oppressions. For this discussion board, connect at least two of the works that we read in terms of message, themes, purpose, or argument. The connection doesn’t have to be a similarity; it could also look at how two pieces offer different viewpoints. You could, for instance, look at how Eliot judges “silly novels” in comparison to how Stanton judges how the government differentiates rights for certain groups of people. Or, you think about Eliot’s criticisms and think about what she would say about Jacob’s narrative? Feel free to be creative in how you connect two of the works, but make sure you use quotes to support your ideas.

In at least two short paragraphs, be sure to answer the questions in complete, correct, detailed, and well-supported sentences. These are the listed readings and the articles are attached.

"Silly Novels by Lady Novelists," George Eliot
"From Address to the New York State Legislature, 1860" Elizabeth Cady Stanton 
"The Rights of Woman," Anna Letitia Barbauld
From Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, "Chapter V. The Trials of Girlhood" and "Chapter VI. The Jealous Mistress" Harriet Jacobs, 

Read and respond (in 5-7 sentences) to at least TWO classmates.

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