Out of the poems assigned, pick your favorite. For this discussion, I want you to dig deep into that favorite to write a text analysis and response. Feel free to use outside sources to help support your thinking. (There are some helpful sites listed below.) Here are the instructions:

1. Write your overall response to the poem after you have read it at least three times.

2. Copy the poem here on the board and write an explanation for each line or each stanza (or a combination of the two). There may be several possible explanations for you to go into. Make sure you post definitions of words that may be loaded or have multiple meanings. You may want to think about symbolism, metaphors, motifs, themes, personification, and tone.

3. Write down 2-3 sentences that bring your analysis together as a whole. After analyzing, what does the poem say to you?

4. Websites to check out:





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