A) Please listen to this podcast for our next class:

https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/ten-thousand-years/ (Links to an external site.)

Please come to class with comments and questions

B) As discussed in class, please create 3 folders for images (diff themes that come from your poem) and collect 3 images at least for each folder/theme.


A) Please sign up for are.na

Look at are.na channels for the terms I will mention for the first assignment and create your own channels of inspiration (borrow from other people’s channels as well)

Please share the link to your are.na here.

B) Please browse through https://theuselessweb.com/ (Links to an external site.) and generate some thoughts on what we consider useless or useful. How do we define “value” in artistic practices? And in general have some thoughts on “use,” “practicality,” “purpose,” “value,” “shift in value”

my name is Ali Alajmi

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