Personal Flourishing Wheel & Vitality Project

This project consists of taking several free assessments and writing a (4) paper in APA format, not including the title and resources page. You will be creating your own flourishing wheel and vitality life span looking through the lens of positive psychology, the Blue Zones concepts, and weaving in theories and lecture content pulling together a succinct presentation on your own personal development and lifespan. Including images and strategies for future forward development are encouraged.

simple language please

the thesis should said for example : (two-three-four) area of development were identified in my flourishing wheel, (4-5-6) solutions could be made :

i added my Vitality score,PERMA,PERMA METER tests so you can see what should be improved and supported by research article .

you have to create a wheel similar to what i attached

note: i have trouble in sleeping and i’m taking mental pills help me to sleep you can add this to my wheel in the psychical section for example the important of sleep and how to fix it

also, i lost my appetite so you can put in my wheel in the nitration section and how to improve it

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