Question 1 The most severe version of the problem of horrendous evil is Selected Answer: Question 2 The view advanced by C. S. Lewis in The Great Divorce is Correct Answer: Question 3 The argument that there is probably pointless suffering that renders God’s existence unlikely is called Correct Answer: Question 4 Criticisms of mild hell include that Correct Answer: Question 5 The problem of evil comes about when we try to reconcile Correct Answer: All of the above Question 6 The Bible tells us everything we need to know and can benefit from ethically. Selected Answer: Question 7 Ethics is about the ________ and about the _________: Selected Answer: Question 8 All religions are concerned with the promulgation of certain values and the cultivation of specific virtues except Christianity. Selected Answer: Question 9 Where in the Bible can one find ethical material? Selected Answer: Question 10 Which of the following is a way Scripture does NOT contribute to philosophical ethics? Correct Answer: to love God with hear & soul and our neighbors as ourselves. Question 11 For virtues ethics the “good” is located in the: Correct Answer: Question 12 In the end, Dr. Martin appealed to what factor in answering the question of gratuitous evil: Selected Answer: Answer: the hope of the resurrection Question 13 Thepointecast presentation on why be moral would support the idea that each individual should be free to formulate his/her own ethical norms.

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