Assignment Week 5 (Decide and Motivate) due 10/13

Read Chapters 7 (Decide) & 8 (Motivate).

Respond to the following Short Answer Questions.


1. Define Groupthink and discuss the negative impact it can have on the decision-making process? What are the ways to prevent the effects of Groupthink?

2. The chapter discusses developing alternatives to make decisions. Explain what project managers can do to ensure alternatives will be developed?

3. When it is time to execute a decision, Project Managers can be faced with a number of challenges that can lead to plan deviation, waning support due to frequent adjustments to an agreed upon plan, and reluctance to process feedback. Explain what project managers can do to prevent or mitigate the impact of these challenges?


1. Explain the models presented in the chapter to aid Project Managers getting “inside the heads of other people” on projects to better understand what makes them tick to best align them with project tasks?

2. A popular approach to understanding the personality of oneself as well as others is called the Enneagram. Define the nine personality traits? Explain the advantages from a project management perspective. Identify 3 that you identify with the MOST and support it with a specific project-based example or scenario you have encountered?

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