Each student has completed the DISC assessment and received their personalized report. This report is approximately 45 pages long. Utilizing the information in the report, reflect and respond to the questions being asked below. Detail your responses in a report format. Please add examples and details where appropriate.

  1. What behaviors do you consider to be your strengths? Please do not just create a list. Expand on your selections and provide detailed responses.
  2. What behaviors do you consider to be your limitations? Please do not just create a list. Expand on your selections and provide detailed responses.
  3. What behaviors do you commit to improve and what would the payoffs be when you make these improvements?
  4. What insight has this assessment provided to you?
  5. In general, do you feel that the results of the assessment are accurate to your personal behavior traits?
  6. What can you gain from this assessment?
  7. How will you use this assessment for future?

Paper Guidelines:

  • In your RUNNING HEADER, please put your assessment result. (i.e.: CD, or S, or SI, etc.) so I know what your overall results are.
  • At least three pages of content. You will be docked points for anything less than 3 full pages of content.
  • Written using APA formatting – Times New Roman, size 12 font, double-spaced, and include page numbers in the top right corner and running header. You are NOT required to include a cover page for this assignment.
  • If outside references are utilized, please make sure that you include all citations (in-text and in the reference list).
  • Make sure to proofread your work! Grammar and spelling issues will be graded accordingly. You will also have points deducted from your score if you write your entire paper in one solid paragraph.
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