please 1) short respond to this (around 50 words) : Sydney/

The article I chose to review is about a 14 year old juvenile that was charged with grand theft, and this was not his first time. After reading this article, I noticed there were some theories of social and strain theory. While reviewing the article I noticed that the juvenile has stolen cars in the past as well, four to be exact. It is alarming because the juvenile was only 14 years of age at the time of the crimes. This made me lean towards the social and strain theories.

Strain theory is thought to be a result of failing to achieve three related goals: money, status/respect, and for adolescents to become independent from their parents. In this case I feel that the cause of the the juveniles actions was when he attempted to earn some type of respect for himself. Social theory mostly involves individuals learning to engage in crime in the same way to they learn to engage in conforming behavior. I feel that the article is related because it mentions that there has been a series of car thefts earlier in the city and it also included 14 year old boys, that led investigators to suspect a connection between those crimes and the most recent carjacking. I believe that since the juvenile saw or heard about other young boys committing these crimes that somehow in his head it was okay.

While stealing the vehicles the juvenile neutralizes his rational thinking, he stops thinking about the difference between what is right and wrong. He allows his impulsive urges and poor judgment to take over and this causes him to make poor decisions and judgement calls.

2)Short respond (50 words) Michael/ Sociological Impact on crime

There was a carjacking in park ridge with an 88-year-old woman still in the car. The person that stole the car was only 14 years old. He stole the car from a parking lot and without realizing it he notices the elderly women in the back seat and dropped her off at her home with just that is astonishing. He was also already caught previously with four other cars in the city. The boy’s name and information were not released due to his age but the only thing that I can think of is that he is from more in the city since he was driving back and forth and was caught by Lawrence and Austin with the stolen vehicle.

One of the main points that sticks on me is he had the dignity enough to drop this elderly woman off at home so that shoes he has a sense of care for others and is not as selfish and he might be perceived since he’s a criminal in a sense. Two other boys were shown about this carjacking but they were from buffalo grove and park ridge and they are known as great neighborhoods and a low crime rate. From this perspective there must be someone in charge convincing that this is a quick and effortless way to make money and since they are only 14 they can only be help for so long and can’t be tried as adults. Psychologically someone could be convincing good kids to make bad choices.

3)own post:

Discussion Board Topic: Labeling Theory in Current Events

Based on the article you selected for Unit 7, how does labeling theory relate to this case? How will the child be labeled and by whom? If the article doesn’t specifically address these questions, provide your hypothesis and a rationale. Also, feel free to share how labeling theory has influenced someone close to you or yourself.

Deliverable Length: 2-3 paragraphs (around 200 words)

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