4 PAGES OR APPROXIMATELY 1100 WORDS EXCLUSING COVERPAGE AND REFERENCES DEADLINE 10 HOURS MAXIMUM APA FORMAT 0% PLAGIARISM Purpose: After reading Tyack & Cuban: Tinkering Toward Utopia, Chapters 3 and 4, and Spring: The Politics of American Education, Chapters 1, please answer the following questions: Chapter 3 What similarities or legacy do you see of the educational policies implemented during the 1983-1993 reform period to today’s reforms? How are they similar? Who were the stakeholders involved in the decisions back then and today? In the reforms described in chapter 4, the authors explore ways in which they have impacted the grammar of schooling and how they shape the modern school system (Provide a specific example of such reform in today’s school system). What, in your opinion, is the most significant of the reforms described in this chapter, and why? The Politics of American Education- Chapter 1 Joel Spring explains on chapter 1 that there are three questions in politics of education that shape how decisions are made. Select a current issue in education and analyze it through the lenses of how the three questions influence (for better or worse) the decision-making of your selected issue.

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