Create a directory for the Javascript challenge. Use the folder names to correspond to the challenges: UFO-level-1 and UFO-level-2 . Add your html files to this folder as well as your static folder containing your javascript. This will be the main script to run for analysis. Level 1: Automatic Table and Date Search Create a basic HTML web page or use the index.html file provided (we recommend building your own custom page!). Using the UFO dataset provided in the form of an array of JavaScript objects, write code that appends a table to your web page and then adds new rows of data for each UFO sighting. Make sure you have a column for date/time , city , state , country , shape , and comment at the very least. Use a date form in your HTML document and write JavaScript code that will listen for events and search through the date/time column to find rows that match user input. Level 2: Multiple Search Categories Complete all of Level 1 criteria. Using multiple input tags and/or select dropdowns, write JavaScript code so the user can to set multiple filters and search for UFO sightings using the following criteria based on the table columns: date/time city state country shape

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