create a Java GUI stand-alone application that allows a user to encrypt any text as Pig Latin.  For example, the string ” Java is very simple! ” should be converted to the string ” Avajay isway eryvay implesay! “.  You may use either AWT or swing. Write a stand-alone Java GUI application called TxtCrypt .  Use either AWT or swing.  This application should allow anyone to convert any text into Pig Latin.  Your application must provide a pair of TextArea (or JTextArea ) components where the user can type in any text into the first, and see the encrypted results in the second.  The input text is called the plaintext , and the resulting Pig Latin is called the ciphertext .  You must provide the basic GUI and event handling.  This must include a button, which when pressed displays the ciphertext for the currently displayed plaintext.  (You may add additional GUI components as you see fit.) I have provided class utils.PigLatin ( view utils.PigLatin API ), which is a class with a public static method called encrypt .  (See below for the download link.)  This method takes a String as an argument, and returns an encrypted, “Pig-Latin-ized” version of the argument as another String .  The method signature is: package utils; public class PigLatin { public static String encrypt ( String plainText ) { … } … } You only need the utils.jar file (right-click this link to save), which should be put into the same directory as your Java class file(s).  (If you place your application into its own Jar file, both Jars should be in the same directory.) To compile your application , don’t forget you will need util.PigLatin to be found on your CLASSPATH .  The simplest way to do that is to have your Java source file (say ) and utils.jar in the same folder, say on your Desktop.  Then you can compile your program like this on Windows: C:Users yourname Desktop> javac -cp .;utils.jar The model solution application TxtCrypt.jar is available for you to download and play with.

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