Plaserism free work please Please find the attachment for example 3 word document for 3 assignment Topic  : ****************  Cyber Security  **************** Assignment 1: WK2 Topic Proposal Assignment 2: WK3 Introduction Assignment 3: WK5 Literature Review and Table of Contents (Outline) ****************   Assignment 1: WK2 Topic Proposal   **************** ****************      Cyber Security    **************** Topic/Thesis Proposal Remember, any information technology topic is fine! What do you find interesting in the information technology industry? Take a look at the Gartner link and other interesting links provided in the COURSE MATERIALS area in the LESSONS section for some ideas. Review IT-based literature. Go to ( ), ( ), ( ).These websites will give you some thoughts regarding technology. Also, what are you experiencing in your day-to-day operation in technology? Note the following hot topics: : Cyber Security The  Library video : During this week, each student will fill out the Topic/Thesis Proposal. The instructor will Approve, Reject or Conditionally Approve pending further information. This exercise is necessary for you to continue onto the paper development phase of the course. AT NO TIME ARE YOU AUTHORIZED TO CONDUCT ACTUAL RESEARCH, IMPLEMENT SURVEYS OR CONDUCT INTERVIEWS RELATED TO THIS RESEARCH PROJECT. THIS IS A DESIGN PROJECT AND YOU WILL NOT ACTUALLY CARRY OUT THE RESEARCH AS PART OR THIS COURSE. YOU WILL CONDUCT A LITERATURE REVIEW AND A RESEARCH DESIGN. Grading Rubric Major Areas Points Available Points Earned Comments Clearly define the Topic and Thesis Statement. SOURCES TO CONSIDER: Thesis Generator: Choosing a Topic Purdue Online Writing Lab: 25 25 Provide a brief overview of your topic (Provide the intended reasons for the research- no set number of pages). 25 25 Provided at least five scholarly articles to support selected topic in the reference area. SOURCES TO CONSIDER: What is a Scholarly Article—see the link: /access/content/group/science-and-technology-common/ITCC/ITCC500/APA%20Resources/What%20is%20a%20Scholarly%20Article.pdf Searching for Literature Reviews: Before You Write, You Have to Find: Reviewing a Sample Literature Review (Part I): 25 25 Writing Format: APA- Your paper should be in APA formatting.  That means it should have a cover page and be double spaced.  Please follow the APA guidelines. SOURCES TO CONSIDER: What is Plagiarism: What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It: Writing Help: Purdue Online Writing Lab: VIDEO: Purdue OWL: APA Formatting – The Basics by OWLPurdue: VIDEO: Purdue OWL: APA Formatting: Reference List Basics by OWLPurdue: VIDEO: APA Reference Lists: A More Detailed Explanation by OWLPurdue: APA Game (This will only function correctly on a mobile device or a modern web browser): Thesis Generator: APA and MLA Citation Game Home Page: APA Checklist—see the link :/access/content/group/science-and-technology-common/ITCC/ITCC500/APA%20Resources/APA%20Checklist.docx APA Quick Reference List—see the link: /access/c…

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