Find a case study in higher education (a current issue in any higher education institution) and analyze it based on books reading

1- First take a case based on the collegial model/ human resource

2- Describe the institution and what the problem there is. (you can use Members of Rider University’s American Association of University Professors chapter have

Rick Seltzer

April 20, 2017…)

or if you find another good example use it)

3- Connect it with reading books.

4- You have 3 books to connect it with the case study

5- You will be required to complete four (4) 4-5pages with APA format reflections on you will use the frame/theories from the books and apply them to some facet, dynamic, issue or problem that you are seeing in your own organization.

6- You should describe the issue observed and then offer your interpretation of what is happening and why, based upon the perspectives/frames from the readings. Your 4 reflections are centered on: Structural/collegial frames; this is both a way for me to gauge your level of understanding, and a way for you to begin the process of active reflection and meaning-making. As higher education professionals, engaging in regular active reflection about our work, our students, our campuses is one mechanism for professional growth and development. These reflections offer you a way to connect theory to practice in a more formal and structured way.

7- The case which i have sent it to you, if you think it is not appropriate. You can find another case in ( inside higher education) web site. It is news website and you will find many cases there.

In the beginning of the essay you have to present a summary of the case, Write about history or little back ground of the problem in the institution and what is going on ….

I encourage you to use additional references then Cite

Also you use another publication which is good but you did not citrate it by the author name.

You have citation problem please put page number so i can double sure from where you find the information.

My professor always asks page number in text citation.

for example, (Bolman, 2013, p. 54).

also i put the full citation for the references

Birnbaum, R. (1988). How Colleges Work. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Bolman, L. & Deal, T. (2013). Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice and Leadership (5th Ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Manning,K.(2013). Organizational Theory in Higher Education New York: Routledge.

To more clarification

  • 1-Analyze the issue (like case study) through collegial frames from reading part that I will send
  • 2-Write with APA format, connection with reading and citation are very important
  • 3-You can use another references as you need
  • 4-The reading part which I will send is from three references
  • 5-You can offer your opinion based on the reading or citation
  • 6-Be attention ( grammar, writing style, logic, citation, critical thinking ….etc
  • 7-Write as essay style NO header topic, or subtitle
  • 8-Write completed 4 pages (no count references page and title page )
  • 9-Avoid plagiarism

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