I need to work with me the whole semester please.

Please avoid plagiarism (very tough professor)

Use simple words

Follow the steps below

Directions: After watching the Star Trek episode entitled “The Measure of a Man” please draft responses to each of the four questions below prior to class.

In class, you will then join a group of 3-4 students, discuss your individual responses, and create an additional group response to each question.

Each person should submit the completed viewing guide on the corresponding assignment link in Canvas by the end of class. 25 points

1. Identify and describe the various criteria for being ‘human’ presented in the video.

Individual Response:

Group Response:

2. Which of the ‘generations’ of human rights discussed by Weston do you see being depicted in the video? Use specific scenes/examples to support your comments.

Individual Response:

Group Response:

3. Do you agree with the outcome of the situation? If so, why? If not, why not?

Individual Response:

Group Response:

4. In what ways does Data’s situation relate to current or past real-life situations?

Individual Response:

Group Response:

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