You’ve read the: IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate Chapter 1

Write a thoughtful and detailed paragraph on the most pressing concerns this report identifies and how it specifically relates to your chosen research topic FOOD LOSS AND WASTE IN THE US. Using a quote or two in the reading material to make your point.

There may not be a direct link to your chosen issue, but make an attempt to connect the dots from escalating climate change to your city/location in particular—what are the challenges faced by lawmakers, residents, physicians, stakeholders? What makes this report so urgent even if your city/region isn’t directly impacted by rising sea levels and melting glaciers? What does it mean for your region’s economy, environmental justice, migration, housing, statue of infrastructure, water, air and soil?

If you cannot answer these questions clearly and specifically then your topic may not be the best choice. You may need to re-evaluate your research.

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