1. A referee gave France’s football captain Zinedine Zidane a “red card” and ousted from the World Cup for “headbutting” Italy’s captain Marco Materazzi in the chest after the two exchanged words while walking down the field. Watch the 20 second video clip at

2. Second, read the Harvard case study about the incident. Most of the cases including this one are at https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/660891. Buy them one by one in case we do not get to them all. 3. Then answer the assigned questions below about the case and post your completed assignment. See the Syllabus for details about the length and content of written assignments and how you will be graded. Those guidelines will apply to every assignment that you complete so be sure to read them carefully.

Length. Write a few paragraphs, between two-thirds of a page and one page long, doubled spaced. Try to keep what you write to one page if you can as it will help you learn to be concise, but if you need more space, that is fine. Writing. See the Writing Tips in the start-up folder. When you have finished your first draft, imagine that you are the reader. Is what you have written clear or can what you have written be improved? Use spell check and grammar check. Grading. The written assignments that you upload will be graded.

The maximum score for doing an assignment is 3 points. To earn a perfect score, your work needs to show that you read the assigned material; that you did quality research (if research is called for); that you have a thorough understanding of the material; that you organized your thoughts, and wrote in a clear and understandable way; and that you used proper grammar and spelled everything correctly. Grading will be based about 75% on content and 25% on writing. One point will be deducted if your assignment is uploaded late.

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