What was the premise behind the Recording Industry Association of America’s lawsuit against Napster? Based on your knowledge of how Napster worked, if you downloaded a copy of a song from a friend’s hard drive using Napster, would you be infringing on the musician’s or record company’s copyright? Describe the scope of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and what or whom it protects. What was the link between the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Napster legal proceedings? What are the legal implications of Napster’s online music-sharing service? What are the ethical implications of Napster’s online music-sharing service? What are the information systems security implications of Napster’s service? Why did Napster ultimately have to shut down its services? True or false: Napster obtained direct financial benefit from the infringement of users. If Napster had acted as a distributor and provided back-end royalties through the RIAA to the original owners of copyrights to the music, do you think Napster would still be in existence and possibly one of the largest online music distributors?

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