computer information System and Application Software Unit Question 1 Select one answer. Which of the following would be a significant factor in choosing to buy individual applications from different vendors as opposed to a bundled suite of applications from a single vendors (some of the applications in the bundled suite you will not need to use)? Question 2 Select one answer. True or false? You have created a great new smartphone app while working for Apple. Apple can sell this app to a third party. Question 3 Select one answer. Claudia is allowed to work from home 3 days per week. She takes home sensitive personnel files on a flash drive for use while at home. The company does not allow remote access to the company servers, but Claudia is free to use either a cloud-based version of the application or have it installed on her home machine. Which type of application category would you recommend Claudia use at home? Question 4 Fill in the blanks by selecting one option from each menu. Some of the latest smartphones claim that a user can work with two apps simultaneously. This would be an example of a unit that uses a             OS. Question 5 Fill in the blanks by selecting one option from each menu. Alicense has a recurring monthly or yearly fee associated with keeping the license valid. Question 6 Select one answer. True or false? The cost of civil or criminal penalties to a business or person may be many times more expensive than the cost of acquiring the correct number of software licenses. Question 7 Select one answer. True or false? When downloading a game to your smartphone, it is important to check the vendor’s website to see if your model of phone and OS are listed as supporting this game. Question 8 Fill in the blanks by selecting one option from each menu. You just purchased the latest iPhone. What type of software would you expect to find already installed? Select Yes or No for each option. Firmware Operating System Application Question 9 Select one answer. If you were looking for an app that enabled you to make modifications to photos you had taken and then transferred to your computer, which category of apps would be the best fit for your work? Question 10 Select one answer. When is a web app considered platform independent? Question 11 Fill in the blanks by selecting one option from each menu. Which of the following are factors that would impact a decision to use installed apps versus cloud-based apps? Select Yes or No for each option. You have reliable and high-speed internet access One-time cost is considerably less than subscription fees calculated over a year of use (disregarding maintenance and upgrade fees). Full functionality is provided by only the installed version. Question 12 Select one answer. True or false? It is possible to add to a computer system utility that did not come bundled with the OS. Question 13 Select one answer. True or false? Many people do not read through an EULA because the language is confusing or the document is too long. By simply agreeing to the EULA, the user might also be agreeing to never criticize the product publicly. Question 14 Select one answer. Carolyn experienced a total hard drive failure on her Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate and finds that she must install everything from scratch, including the OS. She wants to keep the laptop but upgrade to the latest OS. What do you, as her tech advisor, suggest she install? Question 15 Select one answer. What is a phablet? Question 16 Select one answer. True or false? If specified in the EULA, you are allowed to make a backup copy of a software application without violating copyright protection. Question 17 Fill in the blanks by selecting one option from each menu. Which of the following is/are considered a job that an operating system must perform? Select Yes or No for each option. Managing a library of functions and routines used by applications Managing the memory and storage requirements for processi…

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