Each post must be at least 75 – 150 words with one external reference in APA format

1.  We covered Chapter 7, Budgeting and Chapter 8, Evaluating Variances from Standard Costs. Budgeting is used to project revenue and costs into the future, typically twelve months. Evaluating variances from standard costs is the process of evaluating performances against benchmarks serving as goals. From the company you used in Week 1(HPE is the company used in week 1), please speculate how benchmarks can be determined when evaluating variances from standard costs. Provide detailed examples and how you arrived at those examples. 

2. We covered Chapter 9, Evaluating Decentralized Operations and Chapter 10, Differential Analysis and Product Pricing.  Decentralized Operations is when decision making and authority is transferred to subunits of the company.  This is the difference in revenue and expenses between different products. Please choose a company which produces more than one product.  Take at least two of these products and discuss the different costs between these two products which may make one more profitable than the other.FILLER TEXT

3.This week we covered Chapter 11, Capital Investment Analysis and Chapter 12, Lean Manufacturing and Activity Analysis. Capital Investments is the use of present value and future calculations as well as different formulas to analyze return on investments.  Lean Manufacturing and Activity Analysis is about eliminating waste and focusing on the movement of goods and services in respect to customer demand.  In regards to Learn Manufacturing, discuss why it’s important to focus on the movement of goods and services based on customer demand for the company you chose in Week 1 (HPE is the company used in week 1) FILLER TEXT

4.This week we covered Chapter 13, Statement of Cash Flows.  This is the financial statement used to analyze the cash flow of a company.  Why is cash flow important to a company? Research a case where a company went out of business or declared bankruptcy due to poor cash flow and not lack of sales, then summarize it for your initial post.  It is not allowed to use the same company as a student from a previous post in Week 7.

5. This week we covered Chapter 14, Financial Statement.  Financial Statement is the use of different calculations and formulas to determine the financial health of an organization.  Lean Manufacturing and Activity Analysis is about eliminating waste and focusing on the movement of goods and services in respect to customer demand.  In regards to financial statements, please pick out four ratios discussed in the chapter that would best analyze the company you chose in Week 1’s threaded discussions.  Discuss why these are the best calculations for the company you chose and in detail explain how they effectively analyze the financial health of that firm.FILLER TEXT

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