For this assignment you are going to be doing research on the Internet.

Resources needed to complete this assignment

1). The laptop or desktop computer the student plans to use as the primary computer for the course work in this course.

2). Google Chrome

3). Search Engines that allow the use of Boolean operators

4). Word 2019 (a part of the Office 2019 for PC or Office 365 for PC software suite.)


For Research Assignment #1 you will work with Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT.

Part 1:Search Google with the keywords “Google cheat sheet for Boolean operators”.

Q1). What did you find?

Q2). How can you use Boolean operators with Google?

Part 2: Use a search engine that allow the use of Boolean Operators: AND, OR, NOT (or the equivalent for the search engines you choose) . Select three or more words (from a topic that interests you).

Search 1: In one search engine perform a search using a Boolean operator between your keywords. Notice the results. In a a second search engine use the same keywords and Boolean operator. Did the results vary? How many hits did you receive? What order did websites come up in?

Search 2:Perform a second search in both search engines used in Search 1 using the same keywords but a differentBoolean operator than Search 1. Notice the results between search engines. Did the results vary? How many hits did you receive? What order did websites come up in?

For example, I might choose “Pandas AND Bamboo” for my first search, then “Pandas NOT Bamboo” as a second search.

Once you have your results in a Microsoft Word document include the following information:

1). From Part 1 in a paragraph answer the questions asked.

2). From Part 2 in a second paragraph describe the techniques used in your searching: such as which search engine(s) used, keywords used, Boolean operators used, number of hits, website order, the number of hits reviewed, etc.

3). In a third paragraph describe what you have learned or discovered in the process of the searches. Discuss if you found any information useful and how you can apply Boolean operators to assist in your future web searching.

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