For test correction

9 Extra credit points are available to everyone for correcting errors and working skipped problems from the first exam. Your actual extra credit points awarded will be equal to the percentage of points accurately described of the corrections/skipped problems multiplied by the available 9 points. These 9 exam points are equal to 1.5 percentage points of the entire course.

To accurately describe errors make sure you show work for any questions that requires calculation (multiple choice or short response). To accurately describe errors on multiple choice questions that are not calculation, explain the correct answer and why all others possibilities are incorrect. Redo the entire short response problems that you got wrong AND the ones you skipped.

i put in pdf

Also Another assigment to do for discussion

Read two articles and answer the questions afterward for a classroom discussion, which will review previously seen topics. Write down your answers to the questions in preparation for class, but be willing to go back and reevaluate your opinions based on the economics of the topics if your thoughts differ from those in class. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

1. Do you think people want to ride the new Star Wars exhibit?

2. Do you think people will still want to visit Disney world even with fewer performers?

3. What economic concept suggests the rational aspect of Disney price hikes in these articles? Explain your answer.

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