You are a pen tester that has been hired by Marymount University. You are starting your testing process by performing the first steps of pen testing, Recon. Perform the following recon and analysis with added security recommendations for the IT department to demonstrate what type of OSINT is available so they can increase their cybersecurity posture.

Format, memo Style black 12pt font Times New Roman. (Example available under Files called Walden Memo). Minimum 1000 words. Screenshots of the process (date and time need to be shown with your screenshots) with analysis and recon data required for full credit. No late work accepted.

I wrote three recons but I need help an analysis for a three recons , and the fourth recon and analysis. and Format, memo Style black 12pt font Times New Roman pleas

I am going to published word document has recons answers ,pictures for fourth recon and questions

when you finish your analysis wrote in word document has recons answers as one file

if you have any question ask me please

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