This exercise is about management bargain union. I am term management.

Please use the format below and write 5 changes according to the article I gave.

The first column will identify the article and section of the cba; the second column will contain the current cba language; the third column will have the language in the proposal; and, the fourth column will have the “target”, i.e. what you are want to achieve through negotiations.For example:


Current Language

Proposal Language


– Article 1, Section 1, Paid Sick Leave

Paid sick leave can be used for an employee’s illness…

Paid sick leave can be used for an employee’s illness, as well as to care for a family member who is ill.

Sick leave may be used for an employee’s illness, as well as to care for an employee’s spouse or child who is ill.

Here’s the article you will be using for this exercise:



Section 1. Hours of Work.

The regular workday shall be eight (8) consecutive hours and 40 hours in anyone workweek. Section 2.

The regular workweek shall consist of 40 hours in eight-hour shifts. No officer or supervisor will be scheduled for two (2) consecutive shifts unless otherwise agreed to by an employee.

Section 3.

There will be three (3) shifts in every workday as follows:

Days Evenings Nights

7:00 AM 3:00 PM

3:00 PM 11:00 PM

11:00 PM 7:00 AM

The Commission reserves the right to change the starting and ending times of shifts. Full time officers assigned to sites whose hours of operations are less than eight (8) hours will be permitted to complete their shift at another location.

Section 4. Overtime.

Time and one-half the regular straight-time hourly rate of pay shall be paid for all time worked in excess of the regular workday or workweek. Employees shall not be required to accept compensatory time off in lieu of monetary compensation for overtime work.

Time and one-half the regular straight-time hourly rate of pay shall be paid for all time worked on the days set aside for the observance of a paid holiday.

Any employee who is called in to work on any unscheduled day, or on the day on which a holiday is observed, shall be guaranteed four (4) hours pay at time and one-half his/her regular straight time rate of pay provided he/she is willing to perform the work assigned.

An employee shall not be denied overtime compensation for authorized overtime service by reason of authorized absence during the week in which such overtime service is performed. The Commission may withhold overtime pay, pending verification, for sick leave absences during such week. Once that sick leave is verified then the employee will receive the overtime compensation for that week. Such delay in paying overtime will be based on reasonable circumstances and beliefs of the Commission.

Section 5. Report Time.

If an employee reports for work during the regular workweek and is sent home for lack of work he/she shall be guaranteed a full day’s pay.

Section 6. Call-back.

If any employee is called back to work after having completed a full day’s work, he/she shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half his/her regular hourly rate of pay for all time worked, with a minimum guarantee of four hours work, or pay at the straight-time hourly rate.

Section 7.

The Public Health Commission agrees that, absent emergency circumstances, overtime opportunities will be offered to employees by a seniority rotation basis within their classifications.

Section 8.

In the event that an officer or supervisor calls in sick or is unable to report or fails to report, the Commission will fill that absence as provided in Section 7. If the Commission is unable to provide a substitute officer or supervisor, then the employees on the current shift will be asked to cover the absence by seniority. If no employee volunteers to stay, then the junior employee within the classification will be required to cover the shift. That employee will be paid time and one-half his or her regular rate of pay for the first two hours of such coverage. If the Commission does not provide a substitute for that officer by the end of the second hour then that employee will be required to complete the shift and will be paid at double time for the entire shift.

Please do some HR related research while doing this exercise.

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