1) The aim of the assignment is for you to think about the appropriateness of different kinds of conceptual models that have been designed for similar physical and digital information artifacts:


–> a paperback book and an ebook;

–> a paper-based map and a smartphone map.

What are the main concepts and metaphors that have been used for each (think about the way time is conceptualized for each of them)? How do they differ? What aspects of the paper-based artifact have informed the digital app? What is the new functionality? Are any aspects of the conceptual model confusing? What are the pros and cons?

2) Nowadays, timepieces (such as clocks, wristwatches, etc,) have variety of functions. They not only tell the time and date but they can speak to you, remind you when it’s time to do something, and provide a light in the dark , among other things. Mostly, the interface for these services , however, shows the time in one of two basic ways: as a digital number such as 23:40 through an analog display with two or three hands – one to represent the hour, one for the minutes, and one for the seconds.

in this assignment, we want you design an innovative timepiece for your own use, This could be in the form of s wristwatch , a mantelpiece clock, an electronic clock, or any other kind of timepiece you fancy. your goal is to be inventive and exploratory. We have broken this assignment down into the following steps to make it clearer:

(a) Think about the interactive product you are designing: what do you want it to do for you? Find three to five potential users and ask them what they would want. Write a list of requirements for the clock, together with some usability criteria and user experience criteria based on the definitions in chapter 1.

(b) Look around for similar devices and seek our other sources of inspiration that you might find helpful. Make a note of any findings that are interesting, useful, or insightful.

(c) Sketch out some initial designs for timepiece. Try to develop at least two distinct alternatives that both meet your set of requirements.

(d) Evaluate the two designs, using your usability criteria and by role playing an interaction with your sketches. Involve potential users in the evaluation, if possible. Does it do what you want? Is the time or other information being displayed always clear? Designs is iterative, so you may want to return to earlier elements of the process before you choose one of your alternatives.

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