UNIT 5 Discussion Activity: IS there a “fountain of youth”? Options Menu: Forum

Keep your hair, keep your sex life, keep away wrinkles and gray hair, use age-defying makeup, refuse to sag, live forever?? We sure spend a ton of money in the attempt don’t we? 😉 Maybe if we just had a magic mirror like the Evil Queen in Snow White!

After completing all the Unit 5 activities, read the attached article about the latest research claim to have found the biological Fountain of Youth. Then visit the website below, review the slide show and visit some of the links posted there and read about the good, the bad and the ugly (SERIOUSLY ugly) of some of the many age-defying medications and supplements you get all those spam e-mails about!

IS There A Fountain of Youth?

CHOOSE ONE item from the website or from your own research on the subject of what supposedly helps us stay younger longer, do some reading and come back here and post your considered, informed, properly skeptical opinion of the age-defying qualities of the item HERE for the rest of us, with one or more supporting weblink(s).

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