In “Kali, the Savior,” Lina Gupta argues that it is “essential for us to seek…alternative models of ultimate reality that will emphasize as well as include female experience.” She suggests women need “positive images and role models” that “support the well-being of women (and men).”She sees Kali as a perfect role model unconfined by patriarchal conventions as laid out in the Laws of Manu.”

QUESTION TO ANSWER: How does Gupta’s explanation of the actions of the goddess Kali compare to the expectations for real women found in Manu? Explain ONE facet of what Gupta offers as a way to interpret Kali as a positive role model. Make sure you use the Laws of Manu to show the social norms for Indian women so Kali’s behavior can be recognized for how different a role model she is.

FORMAT: You will compose your paper in Microsoft Word, do NOT use a pdf. You must meet the minimum word count as detailed in the syllabus under Discussion Instructions. This is a simple matter of picking some aspect that Kali shares with real women (the most obvious are Kali’s physical appearance and her behavior as a wife to Shiva, the protective mother). EMAIL at least a couple of days before this is due if you have questions.

ON DOING ANALYSIS: I’d like to suggest that you also recognize that reading and writing your own analysis is also breaking the cycle of thinking you are incapable of competent assessment, which sadly seems to afflict more and more students who are too afraid to actually try and utilize their own abilities. Give thinking a chance, LOL, to paraphrase John Lennon. Each time you exercise this skill, the quicker and better you become because it is like physical exercise making you capable of participating in a sport. Looking forward to reading some insightful discussions. There is also help in the syllabus AND WEEK 2 “Making a good argument” link.

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