How are we still influenced by the philosophical ideas of the Age of Enlightenment?

Give two examples of how Enlightenment thinking shapes modern colleges and universities (including academic disciplines). Make sure to explain how the elements of Enlightenment thinking shapes these elements of academic and university life. Minimum 250 words.

Make sure you’re just not making declarations with no supporting evidence. For example:

“This is my essay. Education courses use empiricism. Empiricism is extremely important to education courses. Empiricism was developed during the Enlightenment. It was employed very often by Enlightenment philosophers. Ergo, empiricism is an aspect of the enlightenment that is used very often in education courses. I’m going to meet the rest of the word count by using the words: extremely, very, and quite often a few more times. The end.”

Note that the above paragraph is not logically unsound, but it is trivial and repetitive because the (imagined) writer is not being thoughtful about the prompt.

Bonus points if you can not only describe Enlightenment influence on colleges and universities but also describe the effects of this influence!

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