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SQL Homework assignment 1

Create a single table database using the SQL CREATE statement. The table must have at least 10 fields consisting of the following breakdown:

Record ID – numeric (integer)

Four Text fields – two fixed lengths, two variable length

Five numeric fields – two integer, three decimal

After the table has been created insert (using the SQL INSERT statement) at least 8 records with appropriate values to form a consistent data set.

Using the SQL SELECT statement, produce the following data reports.

  • List the entire contents of the database
  • List records that contain a specific field value
  • List records that do not contain a specific value
  • List of records equal to or above a certain value
  • List an aggregation of two of the numeric fields
  • List of records ordered and grouped by value

The following is a good resource to use for this exercise, but you may use any one you wish. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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