Identify at least three articles that focus on health behaviors in your assigned health condition (Diabetes or Infectious disease) and that name a theory as a framework or test a theory. The theories (at least two different ones), in the articles, do not have to be the ones presented in the Learning Resources, as long as they are health behavior theories (i.e., used to predict or create behavior change). It might be a good idea to put as search terms your assigned health condition (diabetes or infectious disease) and the name of the theory that you are interested in learning more about (and also the words for the behavior you are interested in exploring). A literature review article less than 5 years old would be a good choice. All other articles should be recent empirical studies (i.e., studies that produced data and have a results section with statistical analyses or qualitative analyses). As much as possible, choose empirical studies that were published no more than 3 years ago.Answer these questions:

  1. What two or more theories did you read about in your articles? Explain the basic premises of these theories.
  2. What variables, constructs, or components in these theories match what you’ve learned in Modules 1 and 2? Which theoretical variables are intra- and interpersonal?
  3. How well do these theories work when applied to individuals with your assigned health condition?
  4. What behaviors of individuals with your assigned health conditions did the authors of the studies try to increase, decrease, or predict?
  5. Be sure to include references and examples from the articles you found.
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