Length: 4-5 pages

Description: For this assignment, you will view and then critique an historical movie in order to answer the question “is it accurate to history?” and “where is it accurate and where is it not accurate?”. This assignment can be broken down into three sections for ease. First, choose to view an historical movie- one which is based on a real event of the 20th Century. Next, you have to research the actual event. You can use whatever good sources you wish to, as many as you wish to (at least 5and internet sources must be documented sources- no blogs, no wikipedia) to study the real event.

Do make sure to give me a works cited page listing the 5 sources you used and the movie.

Finally, you will use the movie and the research to tell me 1. Is the movie good history? 2. Where is it different? 3. Where is it the same? You should also give me your personal opinion of the movie as a historical movie. As always, this is a major writing assignment, so please double-space your work and obviously, all the conventions of proper writing apply here, use spell check to help yourself and proofread your work to get even more help with it.

* MLA format

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