A local sport organization has contacted you because their members want to learn more about the

history of sport at Georgia Tech. Your job is to create a clearly written and accessible report for this


This assignment has 4 components:

1) Use 2-3 pages to present an Overview and Summary of your key findings. Introduce and explain

important people, events, social trends, construction projects, or themes that you have

uncovered in your research. Make your historical narrative compelling to a general audience by

providing details or stories that are thought-provoking to you as a researcher.

2) Use 1 page to create a Timeline that further explores how events unfolding at Georgia Tech

were shaped by the broader historical, economic, and political forces unfolding at the time (e.g.

desegregation, WWII, Title IX). The focus of your timeline should be one that best explains your

topic. Please use 1-2 full sentence descriptions for each historical event you highlight. The

strongest assignments will make clear and convincing links about how the wider social context

shaped ideas, attitudes, policies, and sporting practices at Georgia Tech.

3) Use 1 page to state the Historical Significance of your topic and archival research. Show why the

community group should be interested in learning more about your topic by linking your

findings to current events or social problems that you see around at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, or in

U.S. society.

4) Use 1 page to create an annotated list of Further Readings and Resources for the community

group. The list must be composed of 2 scholarly journal article drawn from the Journal of Sport

History (see www.la84.org/sports-library-digital-collection). Please summarize the article (in

approximately 250 words) and explain the article’s relevance to the community group and the

topic under investigation.


5-6 single-sided, double-spaced pages in 12 point Times New Roman, with one-inch margins on all sides.

The formatting requirements for the (2) Timeline are more flexible. Use formatting options (e.g. fonts,

size, colors, visuals, etc.) that best help to explain your topic. Throughout the report, you may use

relevant photographs that you find.. Please make sure to create a caption that

summarizes the significance of any photograph you use. Please number your pages and attach them

together with a staple. Please include a title page with: the course code, the instructor’s name, date of

submission, and the name and student numbers of all group members. Please upload an electronic copy

on to Canvas before class and bring a hard copy to the beginning of class.

What is the purpose of this assignment?

1) To develop your capacity to conduct primary and secondary scholarly research.

2) To develop your ability to communicate ideas in clear and accessible writing.

3) To further advance your understanding of the field of sport studies and the history of sport

at Georgia Tech

Topic chosen is football (1981-present)

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