Hello everyone, I am Emma Jean Johnson, let me start by saying that I know you all risked a lot to meet me here today, and I thank you for hearing me out. I brought you all here today because there is talk around the plantation that we will all be free soon. They say that the government is discussing if immediate emancipation or gradual emancipation is best for us. Who would have though that they would be talking about letting us all free in 1863? I know that a lot of you all are scared to be freed; probably is sitting around here wondering how you’s all gonna feed your family after we get freed. I am here to tell you things are going to be better for us if we get immediate emancipation. “Oppression, organized as ours is, will appear invincible up to the very hour of its fall. Let us look at the other side, and see if there are not some things to cheer our heart and nerve us up anew in the good work of emancipation” (Manning and Mullings).

We can not count on gradual emancipation like they did up North. I overheard the mistress talking about how in 1841 the slaves who lived in Patterson, New Jersey were gradually emancipated. They thought that they were freed, but “The Paterson blacks decried the state’s gradual abolition system because it provided children no effective education, leaving residents to “look upon the servants for years … as slaves so long as they remain under age, slaves to all intents and purposes” (Gigantino). With gradual emancipation you are still a slave. There should not be any age limit on slavery because all men, women, and children should be free. We need immediate emancipation so that we can be free and considered equal in the eyes on the law.

I need to respond back to her with a 100 word forum.

we are discussing gradual emancipation and immediate emancipation

I am a politician from the north that supports gradual emancipation

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