One of the possible reasons for a decline in transfer enrollment is institutional policy on granting credit for transfer courses. Currently, Apex (Fictional College) does not grant credit toward a student’s major for courses taken at other colleges. Based on your review of the literature, you have decided that this is the most plausible explanation for the decline in transfer enrollment at Apex. (Fictional College) Knowing that faculty “own” the curriculum at Apex, you trace this policy back to the academic departments. Your previous experience with the college of liberal arts and sciences has convinced you that the academic departments at Apex function in a very anarchical way. *****ASSIGNMENT***** For this assignment, use your knowledge of the anarchical model ( see below definition) to explore the faculty’s interest/involvement in transfer policy. Describe how you might frame the issue to gain their attention, and incorporate the following concepts into your response: · Diffuse goals · Unclear technology · Fluid participation · Organizational learning · “Streams” within the academic departments (problems, solutions, participants, decision making) · Effective leadership Assignment length: 3 pages Birnbaum’s Models of Organizational Models The Anarchical Model: Institutions that subscribe to the anarchical model lack a central authority, instead granting greater autonomy to individuals within the organization. On one hand, decisions can be made quickly because there are fewer checks and balances to slow the process. On the other hand, there’s little to prevent overlapping goals that can consume resources inefficiently. Likewise, conflicting goals can also be problematic. The lack of structure can also result in a lack of continuity as members enter and exit various facets of the organization as they see fit. An effective leader in such an organization may find it more beneficial to encourage cooperation and communication among members as they pursue their agendas, rather than trying to impose a uniform direction upon them.

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