Weekly Homework #6

  1. Give the name of a type of statistical picture that could be used for each of the following:
    1. One categorical variable
    2. One measurement variable
    3. Two categorical variables
    4. Two measurement variables
  1. Many statistics related to births, deaths, divorces, and so on across time are reported as rates per 100,000 of population rather than actual numbers. Explain why those rates may be more meaningful as a measure of change across time than the actual numbers of those events.
  1. Discuss which of the three components of a time series (trend, seasonal, and cycles) are likely to be present in each of the following series, reported monthly for the past 10 years:
    1. Unemployment rates
    2. Hours per day the average child spends watching television
  1. Find an example of a statistical picture in a newspaper or magazine or on the internet. Please include the statistical picture you select in this homework. Answer the following questions of the picture:
    1. Does the message of interest stand out clearly?
    2. Is the purpose or title of the picture evident?
    3. Is a source given for the data, either with the picture or in the accompanying article.
    4. Did the information in the picture come from a reliable, believable source?
    5. Is everything clearly labeled, leaving no ambiguity?
    6. Do the axes start at zero or not?
    7. Can any observed trends be explained by another variable, such as increasing population?
    8. Do the axes maintain a constant scale?
    9. Are there any breaks in the numbers on the axes that may be easy to miss?
    10. For financial data, have the numbers been adjusted for inflation and/or seasonally adjusted?
    11. Is there information cluttering the picture or misleading the eye?
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