1. A patient presents to the orthopedic office complaining of pain in the wrist. Upon examination, the physician determines that the patient has a ganglion cyst. The physician injects the ganglion cyst with Xylocaine to reduce the pain. What is the correct code? 20612 20610 20605 20600 2. ________ fracture has broken through the bone cortex and the bone has been exposed to air (elements). Open Closed Long Short 3. The acronym ORIF stands for: open reduction with imaging fluoroscopy. open release with internal fixation. open reduction with internal fixation. open reduction of internal fracture. 4. Which of the following involves withdrawal of fluid from the lung? Thoracoplasty Pneumonolysis Pneumonthorax injection Pneumonocentesis 5. The term that describes obtaining a tissue sample is: laser. incision. ablation. biopsy. 6. A physician applies a cranial halo on a patient with a C-1 fracture. After the fracture is healed, the same physician removes the halo. What is the code for the removal of the halo? 20661 20660 99024 20664 7. Codes for __________ include the bone graft and instrumentation, and these cannot be coded separately. arthrodesis arthrodesiss arthordesis arthordisis 8. Based on the following situation, select the CPT CODE below that represents a physician performing a replantation of the right arm, including the neck of the humerus through the elbow joint after concluding a complete traumatic amputation. 20802-RT 20801-RT 24357 25392 9. When using the Musculoskeletal section, which of the following is NOT a subheading? Incision Excision Removal Conclusion 10. Which of the following is a type of graft that is often taken from the upper thigh area? Fascia lata Paratenon Tissue Bone PART 2 WORK As a coder, identify what you think a day would be like from the time you enter the work place until the time you leave to go home. What do you think are some challenges that you might face? In addition to this, discuss why it is important to collaborate with clinical staff when resolving coding discrepancies. When would it be appropriate to query the physician? Your answer should be a minimum of two pages in length, not including the title or references pages. You must include at least one outside source, which must come from the CSU Online Library. Be sure to use APA citations throughout your paper.

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