If the population in the year 2000 for School town is 1,600 and is increasing at a rate of 2.2% every 5 years, what is the projected population in the year 2025? Round to the nearest whole number.





A radioactive substance decays at a rate of y = ae-0.1483t, where t in in hours. Find the half-life of the substance.

t = 0.8622 years

t = 4.674 years

t = 18.323 years

t = 0.1028 years

A paleontologist finds an unidentified bone. In the laboratory, she finds that the Carbon-14 found in the bone is ⅓ of that found in living bone tissue. How old is the bone? Round to the nearest whole number. (use the equation for Carbon-14 half life found in your book)

about 398 years

about 916 years

about 3976 years

about 9155 years

A house is purchased for $150,000. If the value of the house will appreciate 3.8% each year, how much will the house be worth in 5 years to the nearest dollar?





You buy a used camper in 2000 for $25,000. Each year the value of the camper depreciates by 1.8%. To the nearest dollar, what would the value of the camper be in 5 years?





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