It is a business communication class.

Extension Of Credit To InfoSearch

You have received a request for credit from a company called InfoSearch for online databases available from your company. You are a vendor for information databases, and subscribers to your services may contract for 12-month access to this information. You offer various service packages that provide access to specific databases. InfoSearch wants the Standard Package that allows access to a selection of your company’s available databases. The extension of credit will allow InfoSearch to order additional levels of service as needed and pay for them on a monthly basis.

Required: -Write a letter stating that credit is granted to Andrea Schmidt at InfoSearch.

-Your writing follows a sophisticated organizational pattern that demonstrates full knowledge of the topic. The topic is also linked to the intended audience. The writing has minimal disruptive grammatical errors.

– Your position and demonstration of competency exhibits sophisticated thought.

-Expertly states purpose of letter. Explains reasoning behind the letter fully, directly, and concisely.

-Expertly states course of action. Explains all essential information for action fully, directly, and concisely. Avoids letterese.

-Expertly conveys information politely. Reader is pleased to be advised of her/his chances in this manner.

-Uses a correct letter format, including heading, body, and signature

– No errors in usage, including spelling

-No palargism

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