Chosen Company Name is: AIRBNB in UK

Each “Global Marketing Plan Project Assignment” completed throughout the semester will be part of your Global Marketing Plan Project grade. You will be able to use the information that you gather in each assignment to build your “Final Global Marketing Plan”.

You will need to undertake a cultural assessment of your target country before you engage in product development, sales or negotiations.

Complete the following activities:

  1. Research your target country’s history and geography. Indicate how these factors have influenced this country’s culture.
  2. Research your target country’s major religion. Indicate how this religion could influence the business practices in this country. Give specific examples.
  3. Use the internet to find the major languages spoken in this country. Identify any types of non-verbal communication that should be avoided.
  4. Use the internet to research Hofstede’s cultural measures for this country. Specify how these measures will impact your marketing plan.

APA format

Proper reference

minimum 4 pages.

You can use the help of the attachment to do the assignment.

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