Functional Behavior Assessment/Behavior Intervention Plan Instructions PART 1: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) During the course of your educational journey, you will encounter students who exhibit behavior that impedes the teaching/learning process. After trying unsuccessful strategies, a functional behavior assessment may be necessary. The primary goal of the FBA is to identify the purpose of the inappropriate or impeding behavior. One important data collection tool used in the FBA process is the Functional Assessment Interview (FAI). For this assignment you will gather data from a provided student scenario or through student observations in the field to complete the provided Functional Assessment Interview (FAI) form. You MUST use the provided FAI Interview Form for this assignment. Each section of the form must be thoroughly completed using professional terminology and address the student data provided or collected. If you are gathering data from a field observation, the observed student must have diverse learning needs and specific behavior difficulties. Student Description If you are using data collected from student observations in the field, a thorough description of the observed student must be provided on the FAI Interview Form. You will include a description of the student’s social interactions, overall academic performance, gender, and other relevant data. If the student has a documented disability, the description of the student should depict a clear understanding of the student’s disability, the criteria/characteristic for having a disability, and how this disability impacts their academic achievement and functional performance in the learning environment. PART 2: Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) Once difficult behaviors have been identified through the FBA, a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) will be created in an attempt to decrease those behaviors and increase (i.e., reinforce) replacement behaviors. For this part of the assignment you will create a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) for the student identified in Part 1 of the assignment. You must use the provided BIP template to complete this portion of the assignment. Attachments You will complete two attachments that support the content of the BIP. The first attachment will be the method of record keeping that will be used by anyone identified in the BIP as responsible for the collection of data related to the student’s behavior. The second attachment will be a letter to the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) that briefly explains the plan and describes a system of ongoing communication regarding the student’s behavior. Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Interview Form Student’s   Name: Student’s   Date of Birth: Gender: Date   of Interview: Interviewer: Respondents: A. Describe the behaviors 1. For EACH of the behaviors of concern,   define the topography (how it is performed), frequency (how often it occurs   per day, week, or month), duration (how long it lasts when it occurs), and   intensity (how damaging or destructive the behaviors are when they occur). Behavior Topography Frequency Duration Intensity a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. 2. Which of the behaviors   described above are likely to occur together in some way? Do they occur about   the same time? In some kind of predictable sequence or “chain”? In response   to the same type of situation? Discuss in detail. B. Define ecological events (setting events) that predict or set up the problem behaviors 1. What medications is the person taking   (if any), and how do you believe these may affect his or her behavior? 2. What medical or physical   conditions (if any) does the person experience that may affect his or her   behavior (e.g., asthma, allergies, rashes, sinus infections, seizures,   problems related to menstruation)? 3. Describe the sleep patterns of the individual and   the extent to which these patterns may affect his or her behavior. 4. Describe the eating routines and diet of t…

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