What is a narrative? ( use dictionary or historical source, must cite reference) What is a primary source? ( use dictionary or historical source, must cite reference) What is a secondary source? ( use dictionary or historical source, must cite reference) Is this novel a primary or secondary source? How do you know? Chapter I: The Law decreed that all children born to slave women, no matter the father, were to remain slaves. How does this law benefit slave maters and relate to Douglass? Chapter IV: What is a sloop (use a dictionary)? In what business is the sloop involved on Colonel Loyd’s Plantation? Chapter V: To whom/what does Douglass credit his eventual freedom? Chapter VI: What does Douglass realize after Mr. Aduld’s speech? Chapter VII:What does the phrase “ignorance is bliss” mean? How is this phrase proven true in this stage of Douglass’s life? Chapter VIII: What is “the valuation”? At the valuation, why does Douglass suffer more anxiety than many of his fellow slaves? Chapter IX: How does religion change Thomas Auld? Chapter X: Douglass talks to the boats on the Chesapeake Bay. What kind of things does he say to them? Why does he envy the boats? Chapter XI: What happens to Douglass after the end of his narrative? General Directions: These assignments is designed to teach students about primary and secondary sources, as well as how to paraphrase their work. Answer each of the above questions. Be precise, direct, and straight to the point. You will earn a “0” for rambling and repetition per question. DO NOT RESTATE THE QUESTION OR REPHRASE THE QUESTION IN YOUR ANSWER, this is an automatic 5-points deduction per question. No quoting all work must be in your own words. Please learn to paraphrase your work. Follow the directions of the syllabus. You are to discuss the following in the below format : Please place the required assignment heading on your MS Word document. Please reference the syllabus to locate. In a MS Word document, number and retype each question in Times New Roman 12 font. Double space twice (enter twice) and then type each answer, using 1.5 line spacing. You must answer each question in 5 sentences or more. You must have 15 or more footnotes and bibliography page required Please save your file in MS Word as: FirstName_LastName_CourseNumber_Frederick_ Douglass Question When you are finish answering all the questions please upload the assignment, by clicking “Click to Submit–Frederick Douglass Essay” link in this module. Point deductions: Grammar errors Incorrect essay formatting Not answering each question. Typing an essay is a 75-points deduction. This grade will remain. You must follow the directions precisely. Opinion based answers. Opinion phrases: “I think” or “I agree”. Only type your opinion for Question #11 in the Thomas Paine discussion. Quoting, per the syllabus. Zero on assignment for not using footnotes and the use of endnotes and parenthetical citations. You must only place your sources in your footnotes, or earn a zero on the assignment for placing any notes in the footnotes. No bibliography page ( https://librivox.org/narrative-of-the-life-of-fred… ) This is a link that you can listen every part.

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