uploaded the readings to use as sources to answer the following questions:

Pandya (2012), “A Framework for Engaging Diverse Communities”: (file uploaded)

-Who does CS? What do groups who don’t do it miss out on? (50 words)
-How is it that some groups come to get excluded from CS? (50 words)
-Under “Successes and Suggestions,” Pandya says that the most effective programs engage community members at every step of the scientific process. What are those steps? And does your CS project do this? (50words)
-Describe Pandya’s framework for engaging diverse communities in CS. What are its strengths? Can you locate any weaknesses? (50 words)

Kimura & Kinchy (2019) Ch. 2: (file uploaded)

-Kimura and Kinchy (2012) contend that citizen science has transformative potential for underserved and marginalized communities. How can it: (a) give voice to marginalized communities; (b) produce knowledge from vantage points traditionally omitted from science; and (c) build political power to challenge environmental inequity? Please write a 50 word response for each part: a, b, and c.
-How do the authors 4 dilemmas of citizen science a. volunteering; taking a stand; contextualizing data; and shifting scales) impact its transformative potential? Please write a 50 word response for each dilemma, discussing the types of participation in citizen science that lead to the most transformative outcomes.
-Discuss three ways that the first two chapters of this text have helped you to better understand your own CS project? Do you have new insights into your project? New critiques of it? (100 words)

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