Read the posts of your peers then write a response that provide the following: A summary of your understanding of the learner’s problem statement. Your opinion as to the strongest aspects of the learner’s draft, briefly explaining what you believe is good about these aspects. One suggestion that would make this draft even stronger, in relation to the criteria in the scoring guide. Richild post The anti-social brain of a serial killer can be very dark, especially when a serial killer has been through a traumatic childhood experience. Based on research infancy, can be labeled as one of the most important stages during human development. Dr. Vronsky stated back in 2004 that “infancy is crucial to the proper development of the adult personality.” In the first year of a child is when they develop their emotions, for example, their affection or remorse.  Early childhood is the main key to the formation of a serial killer, it is very common that serial killers were isolated from other children, which can lead to the evolution of fantasies as they are alone (Aynesworth, 1999) . The childhood trauma has been the link to developing a serial killer, studies have proven that mental, as well as physical trauma, have a chronic effect in a person life. According to research, nearly 42% of convicted serial killers have suffered from some form of physical child abuse (Aynesworth, 1999). 74% of serial killers have suffered from psychological abuse (Aynesworth, 1999). With all of this compilation are factors that leads many sociologists to view psychopathic behavior as the brain’s defense mechanism.  There is no hard evidence or theory to explain neither the psychology nor the actions of serial killers, however, there are very detailed information supporting criminologists research. Catherine post There is a struggle in the counseling community, of a lack of telephone support, for providers who practice Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and the participants of DBT programs.  Despite the importance of all four factors involved in providing DBT to clients (the four factors being skills group, individual therapy, 24/7 phone support, and treatment team consultation), the factor most lacking is the suggested phone support (Landes, et. al., 2017; Scheiderer, et. al., 2017).  This problem negatively impacts participants of DBT due to the lack of the complete model being available to the clients and participants of DBT programs.  A possible cause of this problem is lack of time and resources.  The ability to provide 24/7 phone support for participants of DBT calls for a lot of time investment and trained personnel, which in turn calls for vast resources.  Perhaps a study which investigates the possibility of providing a call-center-like service, which allows for both phone support as well as chat support (via a text program or messaging system) by individuals who are trained in DBT could remedy this situation. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was created by Dr. Marsha Linehan, where the first randomized controlled trial was published in 1991.  The program was originally created for individuals suffering from chronic suicidality and self-injury, specifically those with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  Since the creation of DBT, the therapy has been transformed to provide support for a variety of diagnoses, including BPD, depression, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), substance dependence, and eating disorders (The Linehan Institute, 2019).  Landes et. al. (2013) explains that DBT is comprised of four major components, to include a skills training group, individual therapy, phone coaching, and a therapist consultation team.  In Landes et. al. 2017 study, the authors explain that there are only 11% of the 59 sites interviewed, that provided 24/7 phone coaching for the participants of DBT.  The reason phone consultation is so important, as stated by the authors of the study, are, “to reduce suicidal behavior, increase skill generalizat…

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