Find a newscast online and watch the A block (the A block is the segment of the show before the first commercial break and usually runs about 8-10 minutes or so.)

Post a link to the newscast here, then make a list describing what kind of stories aired during the segment and anything that you may have noticed from the terms we talked about Wednesday. You can use the abbreviations for the terms as well. For example:

1. Lead story – Package with the reporter introducing it in a live shot. The PKG included nat sound of traffic.

2. Second story – VO/SOT (SOT was an MOS)


It is important that you post the link so that I can look at it and grade your responses. The newscast can be a newscast from our area or another city, or a national newscast, however, it CAN NOT be a TrojanVision newscast. You can find complete shows on the websites or Facebook pages of many stations across the country. It does not have to be current, however, the show must be no more than five years old.

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