Your board of directors has asked you to prepare a “PowerPoint” slide presentation to accompany the budget rollout to the community. (The budget data in this simulation is unrealistically simple, but provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate slide presentation skills). The following information is considered relevant to the “budget message.” · Proposed budget is $58,000,000. Prior year budget (deemed the same as projected actual) was $57,000,000. Preceding year expenditures were $56,000,000, $54,000,000 and $50,000,000 respectively. · The proposed budget is comprised of five major categories of expenditure: Salaries and Benefits – $40,000,000; Debt Service – $10,000,000; Utilities – $2,000,000; Transportation and Vo-Tech Payments – $4,000,000; All other expenditures – $2,000,000. · Examine the budget and look for issues relative to revenues versus expenditure. One slide must include options the organization should do to balance the budget (Increase revenue, decrease expenditure-etc) Identify which options are available, analyze the pros and cons of each option, then make a selection of which one you want to do and why. Prepare no more than 5 slides using graphic presentations (bar, pie, line, etc.) that tell a story. Include a text box on the slide that summarizes in one sentence the story you wish to tell. A successful 5 slide project will appear neat, use the appropriate visual effect, and tell you story convincingly.

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